Explanations on why driving with cracked windscreen is bad

There are parts of the vehicle that can be disregarded when broken. But the windscreen is just not one of that. Every day, there are hundreds of people die and injure themselves to the poor conditions of windscreens. In addition, think about it, it’s your vehicle after all; would you want it to look back. Having a cracked windscreen has many downsides, and each one of them are deadly enough.

Here are 5 reasons why you should never drive with a cracked windscreen.

  1. Malfunctioned airbag deployment

The factor that governs the deploying of airbags is the sudden pressure change that takes place in the event of a crash. But when your windscreen is cracked, the accuracy and the rate at which the vehicle figures out whether to deploy the airbags or not is going to be less. If the times are so bad, there will not be any deployment whatsoever; and we all know how helpful airbags are.

  1. Boost the damaged caused by crashes

Let’s assume that you happened to lose the control and hit a tree or light post by the road, but not so fast. Typically, the front of the vehicle would a little crashes and the airbags would come off. But when the windscreen is cracked, it will have a very high tendency to be scattered and projected inside the vehicle that will put the fate of the passengers at stake. After all, glass shards can make you go blind in a moment.

  1. The longer you wait, the worse it gets

Replacing a vehicle windscreen is going to be quite expensive over having a repair. But most people wait long enough so that the situation of the cracks would get severe and severe to a point where the conditions are irreversible. This is why you should never ever wait when there is a chip or a crack in your windscreen since it will never get any better.

  1. Obstruction to the vision

Having a crack at the corner of the glass might not have a direct effect on the driver but what if the crack was obstructing the driver’s view? This situation can get even worse on misty days, rainy days and even every night. You will not only be putting your life and the passengers at risk but also the ones in the road.

  1. Makes the ride look ugly

If you really love your vehicle, you shouldn’t drive when the windscreen is cracked. That is just going to make the looks of the vehicle to be quite poor and you don’t want that. Why should you suffer all these issue when you can just get it fixed once and for all after all?

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