Helpful tips for expats moving to Singapore

Located in the southern tip of Malaysia, the island city of Singapore has been a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs from all corners of the world for several decades and it continues to be the same. The towering skyline in the heart of the metropolis is home to some of the leading organizations in the world and to carry out their operations, large numbers of expatriates fly here each year. Whether they plan on staying for a week, a month or even several years, there are some things that they must get to know about before leaving their homelands, in order to better prepare themselves for the experience ahead. Continue reading this article to learn about a few of these.

English is all you need

Most expats worry about interacting with the locals in the foreign countries they move to, however in Singapore, as long as you are fluent in English there isn’t much to worry about. English has always been the official language with which all business activities are carried out and even for everyday tasks such as ordering a taxi or buying fruit, it will be sufficient. You may teach yourself ‘Singlish’, a unique language that is the result of a fusion between English and Mandarin over several years of usage. There is a special dictionary that elaborates a large number of Singlish words along with their meanings which you can use.

Know where to go shopping

Singapore is an expensive city to live in and that’s a fact. In fact, it was named as the most expensive city in the world by the Forbes magazine two years in a row. However, if you know the right places to visit when you need to eat a filling meal of noodle soup or for a MacBook Pro repair Singapore    has to offer, you will be able to make some impressive savings. The three course meals offered by the classy restaurants in the metropolitan will cost you a fortune and this is not something one can keep up, unless they are billionaires. Therefore, avoid them whenever possible and save the money for something better.

Whatever you do, do not litter!

Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of this great metropolis set in place a set of very harsh laws to keep it clean and decades after that, it still remains the sparkling clean wonder of Asia. Most westerners are amazed and overwhelmed by the cleanliness of the roads, pavements and the buildings that had been the collective effort of all the citizens and a dedicated government. Even a first-time offender who is caught littering public areas will be fined up to $1000! That’s a pretty steep price to pay for simply being messy if you ask me, so teach yourself to aim for the garbage bin and nowhere else before stepping on this beautiful nation.



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