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Why is it important to provide good education for children of today?

Did you know that more than 2 billion of the people in the world are children? However this is only twenty seven percent of the entire world population but it is important to keep in mind that one day, this twenty percent seven is going to be one hundred percent of our whole future. Little children of today are one day going to change the world and run a country and they are truly the only hope that we have for a better future for this world. But it is important to acknowledge that children of today, especially in certain countries do not get the basic care and education that they need.

Education should always be a basic human right for everyone and this is something that we all need to understand in a better manner. To better the education system in the country, we can make sure to focus on elementary education and then higher education as well. So why is it important to provide good education for children of today?

Helping the country develop

With the amazing work carried out by people like Bashir and Mariyam Dawood, it is easy to see how the education system not just in the country but around the world seems to be changing as we go. If we do not educate the children of today and if we ignore an entire generation, our country is never going to be able to move forward with the rest of the world and we would always be stuck in one spot. By providing the right kind of education to our children, our country is also going to develop.

Personal achievements are high

We all want to see individuals from our own nationality and our own country growing up and taking over the world little by little. Whether it is in terms of science; sports or something completely different, we wish to see the achievements made by people who are from our own motherland. But if our children are not getting a sufficient education, then we might not be able to see a level or sense of personal achievement at all. But when proper education is being provided to all of them, personal achievements are high.

Quality of life improves

Today a lot of people in the country are seen to be suffering due to many reasons and this is a pandemic that is not very easy to stop. But when our future generations are educating themselves and knowing how to change the world, quality of life will improve with it.

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